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Jagex, release drop chance for pets at the 99/120m threshold
08-25-2016, 02:04 AM
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Jagex, release drop chance for pets at the 99/120m threshold
Jagex, release the drop chance for pets at the 99/120/200m thresholds.
I understand that Jagex is trying to make skilling pets seem like a gift for doing a skill, and we should just skill and not worry about pets. However, it doesn't work like that.
Some of us are skilling just to get the pet, and it causes an immense amount of unneeded stress when we don't know whether we are going dry or not. I am mad that I haven't gotten the fishing pet after 20 hours because I am already level 120. But maybe I shouldn't be? Maybe it's totally normal to not receive the pet after 20 hours at level 120? I, along with many other players need this information upfront. I might have never attempted to get the Fishing pet if I knew it would have taken 20 hours.
Players need this information to make good decisions. Knowing the drop chance is so important. I have friends who are going for the Herblore pet. One has spent already 200m trying to get the pet. If he would have known the chances of getting the pet before trying, he may not have attempted and wasted a huge portion of his bank with no return.
We received boss pets on January 5th last year and we started receiving drop rates merely 4 days after. I sincerely hope Jagex reconsiders their stance on skilling pets, as I have heard they do not want to release the info.
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