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Third-Age Dragon Pet
08-23-2016, 02:29 AM
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Third-Age Dragon Pet
So I have made this post over half a year ago on Runelabs and got almost 600 supporters but Mod Osbourne said they where looking for different kind of ideas at the moment now with skilling pets being released i hope Jagex wants to add one more pet for the small group of players that really enjoy doing clue scrolls.
for drop rates and thresholds i was thinking
[Easy] 1/4000 Threshold 800.
[Medium] 1/3000 Threshold 600.
[Hard] 1/2000 Threshold 400.
[Elite] 1/1000 Threshold 200.
there is already a third-age dragon in the game so making a smaller cute pet out of it shouldnt be a big project
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