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insulation coating
04-01-2017, 03:10 AM
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insulation coating
Thermal insulation coating, anti-corrosion coating is fine, anti-corrosion function, performance requirements. sales of thermal insulation coating mainly concentrated in the oil tank and pipe wall or wall or in the field of petrochemical industry in the use of less heat exchanger.prefab composite pergola Australia
Mainly because of a variety of anti-corrosion coatings have their limitations, and some can withstand high temperature corrosion resistance but no heat, and some can heat but not oil, and some shorter life. thermal conductivity coating selected high conductivity film and high heat transfer, high heat radiation filler, curing a good coating conductivity (70 ℃) can reach 50w / mk.back garden designs use wood plastic
coating blackbody thermal radiation coefficient can reach 0.92ε , Heat exchange rate than no brushing solar heat-absorbing thermal insulation coating base material can improve more than 10%, some materials can be increased by more than 50%. And has excellent heat resistance and anti-corrosion properties, the sun heat, alkali, salt solution and organic solvent corrosion, the maximum operating temperature can reach .polymer composite decking colors Solar thermal conductivity thermal corrosion coating thermal expansion coefficient is high, the temperature rise and fall when the coating expansion and contraction energy and consistent, will not produce cracks and fall off and so on. ZS-722 solar heat-absorbing thermal and anti-corrosion coating composed of a variety of components of the ceramic functional filler.
complement each other to give the coating excellent wear resistance, thermal shock resistance, long-term resistance to cavitation erosion friction and powder friction, Heat absorption of solar heat-absorbing anti-corrosion coating to become energy-saving protective proof fencing do it yourself
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