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The Pur Gum temperature was adapted to 70 °C - brodonswhite - 04-18-2017 07:01 AM

The Pur Gum was acrimonious to 50 °C and the polyol (preheated at temperature) was added boring to isocyanate beneath mixing.

The acknowledgment temperature was adapted to 70 °C and kept at that temperature during the prepolymer synthesis. The NCO % of the prepolymers was arrested periodically during the synthesis. Already the NCO % accomplished bulk abutting to theoretical, the prepolymer was transferred into bottle jars and closed beneath dry nitrogen.

Adhesion Testing

The NCO prepolymer was preheated at 120 °C in a metal alembic ill-fitted for a acceleration mixer, additives (adhesion promotor, agitator and diethylene glycol adipate) were added to the prepolymer and alloyed via a acceleration mixer for 60 sec at 2200 rpm.

The NCO prepolymer that contains all additives (Table 2) was conditioned at 120 °C and afresh was activated to a substrate preheated at 105 °C. 0.30 g of the prepolymer was advance over ½ in. x 1 in. band breadth (etched surface) of anniversary affiliated adherence assay bowl (dimensions 1 in. x 4 in. x 0.063 in., aluminum, AR-14).

Two Solvent Free Adhesive were clamped calm over the band breadth and convalescent at allowance temperature. The adherence testing was agitated out afterwards 30 min and afterwards 3 canicule according to ASTM D1002. The abating was agitated out at 23 °C and 68 percent about humidity.